Our Mission

Our mission is to add value. We pride ourselves on long-term vision and sustainability. Before money is invested in a residential project, three questions are asked. Will the investment make the world a better place? Will the investment improve the life of the eventual buyer? And will the investment minimize waste and maximize returns? If the answer to all three questions is “yes,” a sustainable, value, investment opportunity exists..

Sustainable.Value.Investments., or SVI, is as important and potent as other three letter investment terms like IRR and ROI. The SVI goes beyond returns and into true economic value. Not only must new value be created, but the value must add enduring economic benefit to society at large.

Through sustainable building solutions, Adams Craig combines modern technology with the age-old American dream of home ownership. We are committed to building homes like we plan to be on this planet for a long time to come. For us, energy efficient homes are not a goal, they are a necessity.

Green Home Builders Possess Endless Opportunity for Creating Value

As with any investment, timing is important. Green home building was less than twenty percent of the residential market a couple years ago. In just three years, that is expected to climb to forty percent. We are fast approaching an era where our forward thinking will be the norm. Properties that do not take the realities of the average home’s impact on the earth into account will be seen as less desirable, less responsible constructions when compared to homes from green home builders.

The SVI concept of Adams Craig embodies the green home building mega movement. When “the right thing to do” meets diligence, capital, and technology, the possibilities for smart community growth and development are endless. Contact us now to learn more about these sustainable investment opportunities.

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