Real Estate Investments with Adams Craig Acquisitions


Our real estate investment customers are people like you. If you are passionate about building green and are interested in a tangible real estate investment that you can see, feel, and touch, no commitment is too small. Our company is your company.


Adams Craig manages capital and the home building process for real estate investors and home buyers. From acquisition, building/remodel to retail closing, the company maximizes value by securing A+ locations and managing sustainable new home design, construction, and green energy technology.

Real Estate Investment Summary
  • Source of Funds – $100,000 Average Individual Investor Commitment

  • Use of Funds – $100,000 to $1 Million Average Real Estate Investment Project

  • Property Requirements – A+ Location with Great Updating Opportunity

  • Investment Services – Capital Asset and Financial Management for Like-minded Investors

  • Project Services – Acquisition, Building and Retail Closing (or what we call the ABC’s of Real Estate Value-Add)

  • Term of Investment – 2 Year Average Fund Commitment

  • Areas of Operation – Arizona and Nevada

Adams Craig Acquisitions – Capitalizing on Green Growth Opportunities

More than one third of the entire world’s energy use is devoted to construction of buildings. The carbon footprint home building leaves on the planet is quite massive, and worthy of our full attention.

Adams Craig Acquisitions is leading the way in our market to not only help develop real estate investment practices that result in more ecologically responsible housing development, but also to be role models for bridging responsibility to profitability.

Investing in remodeling projects is a form of recycling that not only reduces the footprint of the project, it means being able to install appliances and materials that will reduce the carbon footprint of the families living within these properties for years to come.

The need is there, the solutions are here, and Adams Craig Acquisitions has the vision for turning all of this into a sustainable real estate investment opportunity. Real estate goes through cycles, but the fundamentals remain. Soon, sustainability will be as important as location, and a key selling point for buyers.

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